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Chains for food processing plants

Rosa Catene S.p.A. is a 100% Italian, family-run company that with 95 years of experience designs, manufacture and supplies chains for various types of industrial machinery.
Over the years it has specialised in the production of chains for the food industry, developing customised technical solutions based on customer requirements. Particular attention is paid to the materials and treatments with which the chain is manufactured, in relation to the specifications with the field of use in the food sector.

The advantages of choosing Rosa Catene are
– the service, finding the most suitable solution for each type of request;
– quality, thanks to the high standards of Italian production and the know-how that satisfies the most demanding customers;
– the efficiency, given by the motivation of the employees and the productivity of the machines.
– convenience

The most common areas of application for food chains are:
– tunnel ovens for bread and pizza
– processing for fruit and vegetables
– slaughtering plants
– smoking plants
– production of tomato concentrate
– pasteurisation plants
– ice cream machines

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