Rosa Catene products have a 24-month warranty

Rosa Catene Spa warrants its products against Conformity Defects present at the origin that are reported within 24 months from the date of purchase, proven by an adequate invoice.

Warranty means the replacement of the product with new or factory-regenerated products that are equivalent to the required performance or the free repair of the parts of the product that present Conformity Defects ascertained and found by our personnel due to an action or omission on the part of Rosa Catene Spa.

Any other indemnity is excluded, nor can direct or indirect damages be claimed for temporary non-use of the purchased goods.

The customer, who is the holder of the sales invoice, loses the right to the warranty if he does not report the Conformity Defect within two months since its discovery.

The warranty is voided if the product is damaged or rendered defective due to improper or incorrect storage or use of the product and/or if the conditions of use/maintenance/lubrication do not comply with what is dictated by the “good technique” and reference standards and/or reported in the technical documents (catalogs, drawings, or other) of Rosa Catene Spa.

The defects investigation and their causes will always be carried out by Rosa Catene Spa, also using external laboratories, after the supposedly non-conforming product is delivered to our production site.

The customer is required to document in an incontestable manner the origin of the product and its identification coordinates that Rosa Catene Spa includes in every shipment to allow the traceability of the product and its components within the Rosa Catene Spa production cycle.

Failure to provide such information will invalidate the Warranty.

In particular, for products with vulcanized rubber parts, we would like to point out that Rosa Catene Spa can guarantee the inalterability of the physical-mechanical characteristics of the compound for about six months from the date of supply of the product under correct storage conditions, such as:

  • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight and/or weather.
  • Keep the product at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.
  • Over time, the compound undergoes a natural decay due to the natural phenomenon of aging, which is more or less rapid depending on the environmental and/or working conditions.

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