Materials and processes

Materials and processes

According to the group in which they belong and according to their destination, the joint chains are manufactured with many different qualities of steel, occasionally subject to heat treatments.


For the construction of the flat parts Rosacatene use carbon steel of high quality.
The further hardening treatment, when necessary, ensures the achievement of the required strength. A subsequent tumbling / sandblating of the links allows to remove any defects from machining.


For the pins construction are used hardening steels.
All pins made in carbon steel of our production are carburized.
Through this process, thanks to the formation of carbides on the surface layer of the pin, is obtained a first layer of high hardness to prevent wear from contact between pin and bush and a tenacious heart able to support the cutting stresses.
In case they have to ensure particular characteristics of toughness to support the operating conditions pins are quenched + tempered.

Bushes and rollers

The wear resistance characteristics required for pins must also be fulfilled by the bushes and rollers, or by the surfaces in mutual contact and subject to wear, for this reason these components are made using alloy steel by cementation and are also subjected to treatment of carburizing.

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