Fly roller chains

Fly roller chains

Follow the ISO 606 Standards

Fly roller chains conveying material. They’re used in many industrial reality: we find it in connection points of lines of machining and assembly, in the phases of storage, in different systems of material flow and wherever they are transported, stored, accelerated and separated in easily machined parts, inventory items, pallets or crates.

Transport chains to offer an accumulation distribution of loads by providing optimized, thanks to a staggered arrangement of the transport rollers, a quieter and more stable transport of goods transported.

Our range of accumulation chains includes:

  • Simplex roller chain with fly conveyor roller
  • Duplex roller chain with two fly conveyor rollers
  • Duplex roller chain with four fly conveyor rollers
  • Triplex roller chain with central fly roller assembled on bush
  • Chain with central fly roller
  • Simplex roller chain with three fly conveyor rollers
  • Chain with three fly rollers for accumulation conveyors
  • Triplex chain with side fly roller

Some examples of fly roller chains made ​​for our customers can be found in our photo gallery for fly roller chains


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