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Rosa Catene Spa’s quality system follows ISO 9001 standards.

The production line complies with a series of procedures agreed upon between the Sales, Technical, Quality and Production Departments to guarantee consistency of performance, product quality and traceability.

In terms of raw materials, using high-quality steels from selected, certified and constantly monitored suppliers ensures the best standards in the final product.

In terms of production, the company has an in-house mechanics department that can conceive and develop new equipment and machinery to suit specific needs, improving and customizing existing technology.

The chain is designed by the staff of our Technical Department who, in collaboration with customers, suggest an existing product or study and develop the most suitable product to best suit the type of application and/or condition of use.

Constant control and compliance with the data transmitted by our Technical Department guarantee a certain homogeneity of production in the various production departments and complete control over the product.

Our Serbian subsidiary has also obtained the SRPS ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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