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Our identity: extensive experience and continuous training


Rosa Catene is a solid industrial company that is a benchmark in designing and manufacturing high-quality industrial chains for the most diverse applications. Great experience and constant updating are the essential factors that allow us to always offer appropriate solutions to specific requests.

We are aware that market requirements are increasingly dynamic and selective and that quality evolution is a key discriminating factor for the success of any company. For Rosa Catene, this approach to innovation reflects in the constant updating of equipment, people and ideas to guarantee ever more precise parts, ever smaller tolerances and high performance even in the most challenging conditions of use.

manufacturing process that keeps up with the latest technology

Rosa Catene has an in-house mechanical department capable of conceiving and developing new equipment and machinery to suit specific needs, improving and customizing existing technology.

The chain is designed by the staff of our Technical Department, who suggest an already existing product or, in collaboration with the customers, study and develop the most suitable product to best meet the type of application and/or condition of use. Constant control and compliance with the data transmitted by our Technical Office guarantees a certain homogeneity of production in the various production departments.

As far as raw materials are concerned, the use of high-quality alloy steels from selected suppliers, constantly certified and monitored, allows us to always guarantee the high-quality standards on the final product that is typical of all our solutions.

An evolved commercial organization for the best quality/price ratio

Ensuring maximum price competitiveness concerning product quality is the basic philosophy of Rosa Catene’s sales strategy.

Flexibility, complete service and total customer satisfaction, both in Italy and abroad, complement the sales philosophy of our company. Sales agents, exclusive distributors and warehouses collaborate directly and actively to build a winning sales force that now finds partners worldwide.

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Cool Timeline

The foundation

Men have always determined history with their choices and actions: the Rosa Giuseppe company was founded in 1924 in Calolziocorte, taking its name from its founder and starting as a mechanical workshop focused on manufacturing chains and saddles for cycles. Ours is an important human and entrepreneurial story, still relevant today, and characterized by a constant evolution of people and products.


In 1945, following the death of the company owner, his son, Mr. Riccardo Rosa took over the business, abandoning the production of bicycle saddles and focusing on bicycle chains and transmission chains.

The Evolution

In the Seventies, the company’s production evolved to include, in addition to the standard transmission chains according to ISO standards, special light and heavy-duty transmission chains with attachments according to drawing, agricultural chains, scraper chains, chains with rubber and accumulator supports and fleyer chains.

The launch of Eurocatene Sas

Eurocatene Sas was founded in 1974. The company specialized in heavy-duty chains.

Rosa Giuseppe becomes Rosa Catene Spa

In 1978, the Rosa Giuseppe company went from being an individual company to Rosa Catene Spa.

The Eighties: the third generation joins the company

In the Eighties, Mr. Riccardo’s sons joined the company: Engineer Giuseppe Rosa focused on the production and technical side of the business, while Mr. Gian Luigi Rosa managed the commercial side.

The 1990s: a merger of excellence

In 1995, the two existing companies merged into one: it’s the inception of Rosa Catene Spa. All the industrial and sales activities were united under the Rosa Catene brand, developing the manufacturing of agricultural chains that made us a leading brand in the industry in those years.

The 2000s

From the 2000s onwards, the company undertook a process of industrial renewal with the introduction of automatic machines for the assembly and production of chains in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

With the arrival on the national and European markets of products made in China, which have eroded the demand for agricultural chains, the company has increasingly turned its attention to the purely industrial sector, expanding its technical staff into designing and manufacturing increasingly high-performance chains to meet the needs of its customers, thus specializing in the food sector, fruit and vegetable processing, waste recycling and industrial plants in general.


2015 sees the foundation of Rosa Catene D.o.o., located in Smederevo (Serbia) and focusing on the manufacturing of fixed bush redler/scraper chains of the M series (DIN 8167) and FV series (DIN 8165). The company’s goal is to ensure increasingly competitive prices in the industry, while maintaining the same quality standard that has always characterized Rosa Catene brand products.


From 2017 onwards, the fourth generation of the Rosa family also joined the company, with the sons of Giuseppe Rosa: Eleonora Rosa in the Sales area and Riccardo Rosa in the Technical/Production area.

Rosa Catene today

Today, Rosa Catene is a cutting-edge company seen as a reference point in its industry, firmly administered and managed by the Rosa family. 50% of Rosa Catene’s production is exported worldwide to over 63 countries, thanks to a dedicated Italy Office and Export Office that are constantly at customers’ disposal to meet the needs of a continually evolving market.

Our office abroad: Rosa Serbia

Since 2015, our new production subsidiary Rosa Catene d.o.o. has been operating in Smedervo, Serbia.

On an area of more than 2000 square meters, Rosa Catene d.o.o. manufactures more than 100,000 meters of redler chain per year and exports more than 95% of its production to the European Union.

Our subsidiary manufactures redler chains and fixed bush chains of the M series (DIN 8167) and FV series (DIN 8165).

While maintaining the same quality level of the “Made in Italy” product and a customer service quality that has always defined us, with these investments we can now make increasingly competitive economic proposals to meet all market requirements in this sector.

Our Serbian subsidiary has also obtained the SRPS ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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