Adequate maintenance increases the useful life of the conveyor chain

Even when the transmission functions in favorable and not overpowering conditions, it’s always convenient to regularly check the chain, its grade of tension and the wear and tear of the gears and also the greasing efficiency (oil level in an eventual tank, flowing regularity and type of lubricant).

In the case of oil quenching bath or forced lubrication its opportune to completely change the oil at least twice a year and thoroughly clean the tank to eliminate the sludge.

Chains working outside must be periodically dismantled and accurately washed in petroleum or gasoline , treatment necessary to eliminate not only dust and dirt, but also resinous deposits formed by lubricant alterations.

Before their reassembling, the washed chains must be dipped in lubricating oil or chain grease, heated and liquified. Any chain, no matter how good its quality is and how correctly its used, is subject to stretching: gradual stretching is the normal result of wear and tear and must be compensated with periodic and timely settings; however, when the total stretching reaches a value equal to double the pitch, instead of continuing to adjust it, it’s better to shorten the chain by one or two links. Very rarely transmission inconveniences are due to lay-out or dimensional errors.

Most frequent breakdowns are caused by insufficient lubrication and maintenance. An adequate greasing reduces to the minimum friction and wear and tear and therefore increases the life of the transmission and relative components.

Evaluation of the state of wear of the chain

The following indications must be taken into consideration with regard to the maintenance of chain transmission:

  • Checking of the state of wear and tear of the chain joints. Once the granted maximum 3% stretching is reached, the chain must be replaced because functioning anomalies take place.
  • The transmission must be provided with tension and expanding elements. The tension of the chain must be so that the bulge (belly), in the free portion, corresponds to 1 or 2% of the distance between the axles.
  • The accessories are subject to more wear and tear . Therefore they must be periodically checked and eventually replaced.
  • The perfect functioning of the chain is also influenced by the correct assembling and by the wear and tear condition of the chain guides.Therefore, we suggest periodical control.
  • The lubricating devices present, must be clean and protected.
  • Periodically check the conditions of the pinions.

Assembling, disassembling and repairing operations should be carried out with suitable equipment.

Respect the relative recommendations during these operations.

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