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  1. A concrete case of PARTNERSHIP
  2. CHAIN with self-lubricating IGLIDUR® bushes



An important customer who works in the “tunnel” manufacturing sector for ice-cream production had serious problems with the chain produced with carbon steel determined by the type of application and in particular by “rust” formation and chain lubrication.

However, the problem was due to the fact that they couldn’t utilize solely material of Series 300 and more precisely, Stainless Steel 304 and since it’s a “tender” material and not heat treatable, it would have certainly solved the problem of oxidation but it would have consequently caused problems of wear between the chain parts, in particular, between the pin and the bush.

We suggested highly qualified types of stainless steel that when subject to particular heat treatments, resistance and superficial hardness considerably increase and moreover, without compromising the oxidation resistance.

Once the correct equilibrium among the types of steel was found, we studied the “lubrication” problem with a “standard” production chain and therefore, lubricated, which dispersed a highly pollutive black powder during the application in a way that the hygiene of the product (ice-cream) was compromised.

Experience obtained in collaboration with one of our suppliers of plastic parts brought us to suggest the insertion, between the two chain parts more frequently subject to wear and that is the pin and the bush, of a third part in self-lubricating plastic material with minimum thickness but highly tough. The same, after being inserted between the 2 parts, acts as an anti-friction bearing (bushing) between them.

In this way, the chain gives prominence to 2 notable advantages:

  1. it can work without any type of lubricant and that’s where the name “lubricant free” comes from
  2. it permits longer life of the chain since it avoids, as we previously mentioned, friction and consequently wear created between two steel parts rotating in dynamic contact.

Our customer is totally satisfied and they promised to develop and suggest this solution in various sectors where chain lubrication represents a weighty pollutive factor such as in the food industry or applications where chain servicing or a plant for constant lubrication is quite expensive and in this way can be avoided.

There are various solutions: self-lubricating bushings can be used to limit wear, to resist abrasion , temperatures and crushing as well as the fact that they can be used completely immersed in water.

It’s a matter of evolution of the basic product “chain” , an innovation which allows Rosa Catene to propose mutual collaboration aiming at research and resolutions of problems in this and in other innumerable sectors.



This solution is particularly suited when the use of any type of lubricant is not allowed because toxic or anyhow because product or environment pollutant. At present it is used widely in the food industry and mostly for bakery and deep-freeze plants.

It's a matter of fitting between the steel bushes of the chain and its pin a thin bush in plastic material with following characteristics:

  • elimination of need of lubrication
  • high abrasion-resistance
  • low frictional coefficients when working by dry method and good compressive strength
  • excellent life
  • cushion properties and resistance to temperatures between -40°C and +90°C
  • good resistance to organic and inorganic acids

There is a wide selction of self-lubricating bushes among which it is possible to choose the most suitable material according to application, in order to grant, beyond the above mentioned standard characteristics, even features for every special application. Our technical staff is at your disposal to recommend the execution, which is most suited to your needs.