chains with induction hardening rollers, high performance chain

The special Rosa Catene chains for the recycling industry and the treatment of dirty waters are  projected and produced on plan, in order to satisfy the applicable requirements of each and every single Customer.

The vast variety of special chain models produced by Rosa Catene for belt conveyors in the  recycling industry are the results of a business philosophy aimed to satisfy the particular requirements of its clientele, which also permits them to meet the needs of those who want to orientate towards a chain type already existing with the viewpoint of  economical savings  with regard to moulds and tooling. 

More specifically:

  • the chains for the recycling industry are special chains utilized in the incinerators and in the compacter plants and are used to convey the wastes. The chains for the recycling industry are employed on conveyors that transport the material to the compacter press which is  the heart of the recycling waste plants;

  • the chains for the treatment of dirty waters are special chains for the plants used for this type of treatment.  Normally they regard stainless steel chains , a material which is particularly resistant to oxidation caused by the dirty water and the sludge.