high temperatures resistance chain

The chains for ovens and the bread production are a subgroup of the chains for the food industry, Rosa Catene specialization sector.

The ovens used to produce bread reach very high temperatures and the   standard chain has a resistance limit of 180 degrees.  Over this limit, its components “draw” , that is, they become fragile and they wear out rapidly.  For this reason  the Company studied particular technical solutions for the chains used in the ovens and the bread production:

  • Rosa Catene   chains  for  ovens and the bread production are produced with hardened and tempered plates and the Series 400 Stainless Steel, hardened and tempered and heat treated on the surface which guarantee  good resistance at high temperatures ;
  • the positioning of the chains for ovens and the bread production is normally  on the outer side of the oven, to protect against  exceeding  thermic stress.