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Rosa Catene , originally in the standard products sector, is now specialized in the production of special chains for the food industry, developing personalized technical solutions according to the Customer’s  requirements.

For example, they distinguish as follows:

  • special chains for bread plants
  • special chains to process “frankfurters” – “ hot dogs”
  • chains to produce pizza
  • chains to process chocolate
  • chains for fruit processing
  • special chains for greens and vegetable treatments

They regard chains that convey the goods from one processing area to another one: they are industrial chains used to convey the goods in the food plants. The Rosa Catene industrial chains applied to the food sector include:

  • chains in  standard steel
  • chains in special steel
  • chains in stainless steel

Starting from the standard chain, formed by links, pins, bushings, rollers and outer links, Rosa Catene creates a custom-made chain according to the Customer’s requirements.  The special chains , produced by modifying the inner parts of the standard chain or submitting the chain to surface treatments with different metals, are steel chains able to resist straining caused by the working environment of the food product.

The special Rosa Catene chains for the food industry are:

  • the free-lubricant chain is characterized by the presence of a plastic component between the pin and the bushing , in addition to lubricant elements in the plastic itself. The self-lubricant chain makes the use of lubricant,  present  in the standard chain, needless;
  • the chemically nickel-plated chain, is a special chain undergoing surface treatment which gives its components a very high superficial hardness and an optimal response to oxidation;
  • the zinc-plated chain, is a standard chain undergoing a hot or cold galvanization treatment which protects its components from oxidation. In particular, the “ green zinc-plating”  with an inferior presence of Chrome internally, is pointed out.
  • the chains in stainless steel series 304 or when a marked resistance to erosion is required,  stainless steel series 17-4PH.

The Rosa Catene nickel-plated, zinc-plated and those in stainless steel are therefore optimal solutions for Customers with applicable problems because they assure longer chain life and a superior resistance to oxidation.