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Thermic treatments

A department of fundamental importance for the absolute quality of the finished product is the thermic treatment division.

Even in this department we avail ourselves with technically advanced systems.

Up-to-date information is constantly given to the operators.

Each part of the chain corresponds to a cementation and hardening treatment with excellent standard values which reach, in some cases, limited hardness in relation to the specific applications.

All the treated allotments are constantly and scrupulously examined.

As a guarantee of the requested quality, special counter-signed cards, with the characteristics obtained, then accompany each allotment to the assembling department where they are filed.

Other types of superficial treatments could be zinc-plating or nickel-plating, requested in the agricultural or alimentary sectors.

On request, we can effect hard-chrome treatments on pins of chain which increase the characteristics of usury resistance: this type of treatment is essentially requested in the agricultural sector where the chain, constantly in contact with earth, sand or atmospheric conditions, undergoes high usury.