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Since 1924, an avant-garde structure.


Man always determined history with his choices and actions: an important industrial story, still present, characterized by a continuous evolution of man and products, was born in Calolziocorte in 1924 when the "ROSA GIUSEPPE" company was established. Its products, exclusively regarding Standard Transmission Chains with ISO Standards, developed as time went by, with the addition of special heavy and light conveying chains with attachments as by drawings, agricultural, scraper, accumulation and leaf chains, plus chains with rubber support.





The " EUROCATENE s.a.s. " specialized in heavy conveying chains was founded in 1974 and in 1978 the "ROSA GIUSEPPE" became "ROSA CATENE S.p.A.". Since 1995 the two companies were concentrated into one, "ROSA CATENE S.p.A.".

It’s regarding avanguard structure, solidly managed by the ROSA family.

Quality Control Dept., Production, Offices and all the manufacturing areas occupy 7.000 square meters and form an industrial plant, well developed in their planning ability and technology, synthesized in products of assured success.

What was achieved is the actual development of philosophy determined by the founder of ROSA EUROCATENE: supply high quality products to completely satisfy the customer’s requests.